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About Us


Steps to Delivering the Raven Tavern Experience

Every guest, Every time


Our Promise:

“We promise to deliver a great Tavern experience by creating a sense of comfort and belonging for every guest, making each visit a truly memorable experience”

Our Values

“We foster an entrepreneurial spirit by which all staff takes ownership in what we do. We encourage our talented people to make a difference through their individuality”

“Our commitment to being the best motivates us to create a special and rewarding experience for our guests. We know that by providing truly unique, caring service to our guests we can reward our staff”

“We sincerely care about our guests and our employees. Each guest experience is personalized and each staff member is part of our extended family”

“Our respectful, supportive behavior towards each other is a prerequisite for demonstrating genuine caring to our guests”

“We are committed to creating an environment for our guests and our staff that is casual and fun. While we are dedicated to being the best, we have a sense of humor and don’t take ourselves too seriously”

The Raven Tavern Experience

Friendliness, humor, hospitality, fine food and drinks: all these combine to create The Raven Tavern experience. There is nothing to equal the ambience of a great Tavern, nothing to match its casual and attractive sociability. Our goal is to allow our guests to relax and be themselves, to take pleasure in company and enjoy the art of conversation; to combine good wholesome food with satisfying and distinctive drinks. Hospitality that exudes naturally from our staff; with a good-natured mixture of gossip, wit, conversation, debate and information, proffered with friendly and efficient service.

 Style of Service

We take all the steps we can to ensure that the experience the guest receives in our tavern is as close as possible to the experience you might receive when you welcome friends into your home. The most important element of the tavern experience is the staff, and the service offered. While décor may be what first impacts the guest, it is our service that will keep them coming back.

All of our staff are expected to deliver authentic genuine service. Traditional Tavern hospitality is centered around the home and hearth. Our casual, friendly atmosphere and personable approach to our guests creates a sense of comfort and belonging and leads to memorable experiences.


The first aspect is that the staff are free to be who they really are. They do not transform themselves into a robot-like server or bartender, endlessly reciting scripted conversation with their guests. They are able to communicate the service basics, such as their name and specials, among other things, but they do so allowing their individual personality coming through.

A guest should have a different and memorable experience each time they visit, depending on the staff who serves them. The individual personalities of the staff will come through to create a unique and fun experience every time they visit.

Who doesn’t have a better time at work when they are free to be themselves?